3 Ways to Cut Down on Humidity in Your Bathroom

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3 Ways to Cut Down on Humidity in Your Bathroom


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3 Ways to Cut Down on Humidity in Your Bathroom

April 12, 2023

As El Paso’s #1 stop for bathroom remodeling services, Southwest Bath & Home Design is passionate about helping our clients achieve the perfect bathroom environment. Humidity control is essential in maintaining a comfortable, healthy, and visually appealing bathroom. Excess humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, unpleasant odors, and damage to bathroom fixtures and finishes.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss three effective ways to eliminate humidity in your bathroom and the benefits of doing so. For top-notch bathroom remodeling services and humidity control solutions, give us a call at 915-330-6031!

1. Proper Ventilation

A well-ventilated bathroom is key to maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment. Here are some tips to ensure proper ventilation:

  • Install a high-quality exhaust fan: A bathroom exhaust fan plays a crucial role in removing excess humidity by expelling moist air to the outside. Choose a fan with a suitable cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating based on your bathroom size, and make sure it vents directly outside rather than into an attic or crawlspace.

  • Use the exhaust fan during and after showers: Running the exhaust fan while you shower and for about 15-20 minutes after will help reduce humidity levels in your bathroom.

  • Clean the exhaust fan regularly: Dust and debris can accumulate on the fan’s blades, reducing its efficiency. Clean the fan every few months to ensure optimal performance.

2. Dehumidifiers and Humidity Sensors

Controlling humidity levels with a dehumidifier or humidity sensor can also help protect your bathroom from excess moisture. Here’s how:

  • Use a portable dehumidifier: A small, portable dehumidifier can effectively reduce humidity levels in your bathroom. Select a unit with an appropriate capacity for your space and remember to empty the water reservoir regularly.

  • Invest in a wall-mounted dehumidifier: For a more permanent solution, consider installing a wall-mounted dehumidifier. These devices work continuously to maintain optimal humidity levels and can be connected to your bathroom’s electrical system for added convenience.

  • Install a humidity sensor: A humidity sensor can automatically activate your exhaust fan when humidity levels exceed a certain threshold, ensuring that excess moisture is quickly removed.

3. Moisture-Resistant Materials and Design

The materials and design of your bathroom can significantly impact humidity levels. At Southwest Bath & Home Design, we recommend the following:

  • Choose moisture-resistant materials: When remodeling your bathroom, opt for materials that resist moisture and mold growth. Consider water-resistant drywall, mold-resistant paint, and non-porous surfaces for countertops and tiles.

  • Incorporate moisture-absorbing elements: Elements such as plants, moisture-absorbing mats, and moisture-absorbing crystals can help control humidity levels in your bathroom.

  • Opt for a glass shower enclosure: Glass shower enclosures can minimize the amount of moisture that escapes from the shower area, reducing overall humidity levels in your bathroom.

By implementing these three strategies, you can effectively reduce humidity levels in your bathroom, ensuring a comfortable, healthy, and visually appealing space. Southwest Bath & Home Design is proud to be a 5-star rated, fully insured company that provides top-notch bathroom remodeling services. For expert advice and assistance with your next bathroom project, call us at 915-330-6031 today!

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